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Whistleblowers involved in Family Court malfeasance and corruption, “Child Protective Service” abuses, Depts. of Social Services abuses and those wanting to expose abuses in America’s “CHILD-WAREHOUSING COMPLEX” are welcome to submit here.

Submission articles and information to this website must be written with the protection of the privacy of innocent parties in mind. Articles will be reviewed and vetted before posting.

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Hoaxes, threats, rumors, spam and junk mail will obviously not be posted, so please don’t waste your time. If you’re mad as hell about something, and can prove it, send it along to us for review. America has a grand tradition of whistleblowing that has made an enormous impact on civil society, human rights, health & safety laws, the environment, and corporate corruption.
Let’s keep the tradition alive!
Karen Silkwood US Whistleblower
Karen Silkwood exposed health & safety
violations in the atomic power industry
Jacob Riis US Whistleblower
Jacob Riis exposed horrible conditions of
poverty in America in the late 1800s
Jeffrey Wigand US Whistleblower
Jeffrey Wigand exposed corrupt
practices in the tobacco industry

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