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A note on trying to bully us:

Having faced the brutal retaliation of the courts and related government agencies set out to defame, discredit, undermine the credibility of the FCVFC and staff, even questioning that the Foundation exists as a non-profit agency, we chose not to respond to the bullying tactics of  liars and cowards.   

We ignored blackmail threats expecting that the public would not give any credibility to an   anonymous threat. Further, our position has been that anyone who gave credence to vicious, false statements were not clients with whom we would want to engage. Taking on the blood sport tactics of the courts does not square with dealing with clients who are naive or suspicious given the publishing and record of the Foundation's work.  

The Foundation has concrete proof of the blackmail threats of individuals who were not clients of the Foundation. Our new resolve is to begin posting the names and facts surrounding this. 

When the Foundation files complaints against authorities, complaints are filed with permission of the client and  the name of the complainant filing a well documented statement of facts.

A note on threats:

Sometimes people who make threats follow through!

The Foundation and our staff will never give in to threats whether it be with anonymous fraudulent complaints on Rip Off Report ( Refer to the Blog of May 7th 2008 " New York & Thoughts on Jill Jones --Soderman posted below) 

or an e mail address set up to collect false complaints through advertising on the internet written by Christine Sirgent the vindictive girl friend who was denied participation in meetings  dealing with consultation on her boyfriend's high conflict custody case which had been ongoing for many years. The girl friend was not a party to the action, was not married to the litigant and could potentially testify against the litigant.  

The litigant Joshua Clark never paid for an initial extensive document review begun 5/10/2014 and a five hour consultation  at the office of an accountant 5/29/2014. The accountant, a member of the Foundation Board wouldhave been a critical part of the forensic team that would have worked on Mr. Clark's case  for a minimal fee based on a minimal payment plan offered by Mr. Clark . Mr. Clark and Ms. Sirgent called our office repeatedly, spoke to staff of the Foundation. Out of sympathy for their pleas to meet with us we agreed to review documents and see what help could be offered based on an evaluation of the case. Mr. Clark never paid any part of fees charged by the Foundation though Mr. Clark and Ms. Sirgent placed in writing demands for money from the foundation with the threat that if we did not pay they would write negative comments about the Foundation. 

Mr. Clark was dismissed as a client in part because his girl friend Ms. Sirgent proved to be completely out of control as to her demands and interference in the case. In reviewing documents on Mr, Clark's case it appeared that the Court in which his case was being litigated felt the same way. We have a full compliment of the documents, e mailed demands then threats sent by Ms. Sirgent, whom often wrote  e mails as if she was in fact Mr. Clark, a fact easily discernible in comparison of writing styles of Ms. Sirgent and Mr. Clark.

While it had been our policy not to respond to cyber bullying, blackmail, various threats, the Foundation Board has currently ruled that any threats to any of our staff will be referred to the police and to our attorneys to avoid the ability of malevolent individuals to anonymously file complaints so they can avoid responsibility for their false allegations. In view of the fact that we have a complete set of documents from which we can prove our position, we have no problem responding to false allegations of those who may run but cannot hide!

Jill Jones-Soderman

Executive Director


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