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Arkansas: Judge's Ruling Raises Questions About When, Where To Prosecute

Arkansas: Corruption of the judiciary: Maggio the tip of the iceburg

Arkansas gets D+ grade in 2012 State Integrity Investigation

Video - Corrupt Judges. Wall of Shame. Arkansas "Douchebag Judge" Mike Maggio

Whistleblower Persecuted for Reporting Child Abuse

Lawyer Gets Off On Malpractice Suit Because He Advised His Client to Plead Guilty!


$168 Million Payout to Johnson & Johnson Whistleblower!


Judge Sosa Rejects Birth Mother in Custody Battle


Dr. Timothy Jolley, WA State: Medical Immorality & the Courts at Their Worst


Victim - Or Aggressor? Jailed Mom Accused Of 'Reign Of Terror' In Fight To Prove Child Was Abused


Judge Helen Sturm - irresponsible amateur!




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