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Mandated Reporters are those people and professionals who become aware of certain health & safety situations involving vulnerable and other populations, who are MANDATED BY LAW to report that situation to local authorities. Reporting about such situations is mandated by state law in virtually every state in the Union. Most frequently, child abuse, sexual exploitation and rape are events requiring mandated reporting. Recently, many colleges have finally instituted mandated reporting criteria for on-campus rape, and the NFL has instituted mandated reporting by teams of player spousal and child abuse.Frank Serpico US Whistleblower

Do you know the Mandated Reporting criteria in your State?

Mandating Reporting should be required in any alleged instance of date rape or sexual abuse on all college campuses in the United States. Local police authorities should be required to be contacted immediately in these cases. Colleges are not equipped to deal with such cases, have no legal jurisdiction to investigate such crimes, no jurisdiction to prosecute, and often cover up the crimes to protect their reputaions and income streams.



Article: Mandated Reporting of On-Campus Crimes:

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